Lindsey Matousek :
Visual Artist

Artist's Statement
I am fascinated with the human mind and all aspects of psychology. My work has always centered itself around the human figure and weaving brush strokes together to create figures that emerge from my canvas full of movement and vigor. To me, Carl G. Jung (Swiss 1875-1961) and his theories of the archetypes of personality are very interesting. I use this knowledge that Jung provided and take his hidden archetypes and the concealed pieces of the human mind to pull them out into my own artwork.
    My paintings are reflective of my internal struggle, along with the struggle of my twin. I capture the deepest parts of my being and pull them into paintings featuring multiple faces, gestalt principles and the matrix and architecture of the human mind. Each time I complete a painting I find a bit more of myself. I draw from my own life experiences to inform the works. It is my hope that the audience will be able to recognize their own experiences within the twisted forms I create. The nature of one's reaction is not significant but the fact that the viewer is able to connect with my works creates a mental link into the human collective, as suggested by Jung.  

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